The Wall

Aldrich Ward Shelley The Wall Perese

Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder's 'Your Turn' performance art installation opened yesterday at The Aldrich Museum and these two intrepid artists are up and living, quite literally, on the wall through Sunday, October 8th. 

There are endless permutations of discovery and thought provoked by this unique, challenging and utterly creative undertaking.  

Here are just a few of the thoughts I began to ask myself when I entered the impressive room with this twenty one foot wall:

  • What does it mean to live on both sides of The Wall?
  • What do someone else give up for me to have what I have? 
  • Where does our waste go?
  • Where does our water come from?
  • Do we shape our buildings or do our buildings shape us?
  • What are the minimum number of essentials I'd need to live?
  • How does color influence our mood?
  • How does vertical living differ from horizontal living? 
  • What planes are 'correct' for living? 
  • How does confinement in an open space effect the mind?
  • Would the person living on the wall or visiting the wall feel in control of the interaction? 

And I'm certain I'll think of more... 

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