Grange No. 152


A bountiful backyard has yielded lots of fun and beautiful delights this summer! To celebrate our growth, we entered a few homegrown goods into the 85th Anniversary Edition of Cannon Grange Agricultural Fair and Exposition. 

The fruits of our labor yielded:

  • Blue Ribbons / First Premiums for 'Flower Arrangement in a Teacup' + 'Herb' (we entered lavender) + '3 stems of Zinnias'
  • Red Ribbon / Second Premium for '3 leaves of kale' 
  • White Ribbon / Third Premium for '2 cucumbers'
  • Green Ribbon / Honorable Mention for 'Photography: Pets' + '3 hot peppers' (we entered 1 habanero, 1 poblano and 1 serrano) 

A lovely tradition and perfect weekend! 

AdventureLaura Perese