Performa 17

Ward Shelley Perfoma 17

My husband and I visited Performa 17 over the weekend and took some photos of a performance installation by Ward Shelley again (in anticipation of his exhibition opening at The Westport Arts Center). 

'The Newcomers' as it was titled, is equally as fascinating and thought provoking as the artist's Aldrich Museum installation. Each yellow container holds food and water for that day: there are 4 people co habitating and keeping the living structure moving. They take down and reassemble the structure each day in order to move to the next day’s supplies and to assemble a sleeping structure by dusk. 

This installation reminds us that each day we build towards what will become tomorrow and the next day and the next. Maintaining discipline and practicing what we believe in, will ensure we have the supplies we need to survive and thrive tomorrow. 

performa 17 the newcomers ward Shelley
performa 17 the newcomers ward Shelley
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